Fitness and Nutrition at Home

Dr. Michael Lange and Doc Hall of Fortifeye Perfomance Nutrition and Lange Nutrition Centers want everyone to continue to workout while they are quarantined but to do it in a safe manner.

Here is Doc Halls thoughts.

I am seeing two problems on the nutritional and fitness side of our current lock down situation. Most of us scrambled to find a suitable alternative after the news that our local gym or recreational facilities were closing for an extended period. Home gyms and home training are the focus of our exercise now, and with it comes a tremendous rise in home training injuries. Most of these injuries can be attributed to improper equipment usage, equipment damage or user negligence. I have been sent over one hundred videos of snapping cables, plates crashing, people stuck on benches and being a bit too creative. First of all…never use a piece of equipment in a way that it was not intended. In other words, don’t try to do squats while balancing on a core ball or hooking up cables to a nail on the wall…these are accidents waiting to happen. Here is a short checklist for home trainers and I am sure you can add more to the list…the bottom line is, train safe, don’t take risks.

  1. Check all equipment before use… what was safe yesterday may not be safe today.
  2. Do an inspection for excessive wear, sun damage, frayed or worn cable, loose bolts, cracked welds, sharp edges, etc.
  3. Use collars on all bars, tighten them down, and use only the collars that fit the bars.
  4. Check to see if you have overhead clearance because you now have fans and light fixtures to consider.
  5. Don’t overload the piece of equipment…all pieces have load and weight limits…remember to add your own body weight to the total weight limit, and do not exceed the limits.
  6. Do not attach cables to doorknobs, door frame, etc. as they were not meant for that kind of pull.
  7. I always liked using a training partner in the gym, mainly as a spotter, but of course now all of that has changed, so maybe you can use a machine for squats, bench, etc.

The other problem I am seeing is a lot of at home trainers are not recovering properly because they are away from that gym and post workout mindset. However, post recovery is essential and I suggest you step up your post workout protocol with Fortifeye FIT and Fortifeye Super Protein.These two products are specifically designed by two Doctors to maximize your recovery effort, and maximize your fitness and wellness gains. Dr Michael Lange and Doc Hall are constantly involved in research and development of nutritional products to improve human body performance and wellness.

Train smart, stay healthy!

Doc Hall PhD SNS CPT