Fit…the Ultimate Muscle Fuel

When I first joined Fortifeye Performance Nutrition, Dr. Michael Lange tasked me with assisting him in bringing a new product idea he had to market. The idea was so unique, and had never been attempted before, and this I know from my 35 years in the nutrition field. I had been very concerned for several years about the pre-workout powders and the high energy drinks, and my best friend and colleague, Dr. Lange, shared those same concerns. The powders and drinks I was finding on the market were like chemical time bombs, and loaded with insane amounts of caffeine, stimulants, sugar, artificial sweeteners , artificial coloring and a long list of ingredients that should not be in the human body, and certainly not in these high dosages. We wanted a clean product, free from all the negative ingredients, and at the same time, deliver an energy and recovery profile that would actually be good for you. This was not an easy task, and we could have taken the easy path at many points in the creation of FiT…but we refused. We did our research, we gathered all the single ingredients we wanted in FiT, and the experiment began. Many late night sessions on the computer and in the lab, and even meeting each other at the interstate exit to exchange various powder blends we had created, that now had to be tested . Once we settled on the ingredients, potency and blend, we needed to make it taste good. This is where we were being told by several ingredient suppliers, flavoring suppliers, and even respected industry leaders, that our taste concern could be easy remedied by just adding Aspartame, Sucralose or even high amounts of Fructose sugar. This is when I told Dr. Lange that “we are very proud of what goes into our products, and equally as proud of what doesn’t” Well six months later we finally settled on our all natural blend and we never looked back.

FiT is a one of a kind blend that provides energy and endurance for exercise, while providing a very select blend to assist the body to recovery after exercise. It is very important to give the body exactly what it requires to recover after exercise because you have actually stressed the body, and the muscles, tendons and ligaments need to be repaired. FiT helps you to make that happen. You should see and feel a positive change in ROM (Range of Motion) and in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and that’s just the beginning. Below is our suggested use ideas, but you may want to adjust to your own needs.

LEVEL ONE…this is for less intense workout or body exertion, but still has the energy factor and the recovery factor. One half scoop before activity, and one half after.
LEVEL TWO…stepping up the intensity level a bit and requiring a bit more for recovery…use FiT as above, and add one scoop of our Protein Concentrate to your after workout serving.
LEVEL THREE…for heavy workout and exertion, including long runs.

Use one scoop before, and one scoop after with a scoop of Fortifeye Super Protein.
Remember to hydrate during and after exercise.

I hope this helps you on your path to strength, endurance and wellness.

Dr. Richard Hall PhD, SNS, CTS
Fortifeye Performance Nutrition